Owner/Master Stylist
 I am a licensed hair professional with more  than 19 years of experience. I am  committed to keeping your hair healthy,  beautiful, and strive to find the best  style/color for you.  I keep up with the latest trends in hair and love being innovative and creative. My dedication to making my customers happy is what brings out their best style.
 I look forward to helping you find your best style! Click on the Services tab above to explore the full line of services offered at Adela Style Salon.
 The story behind the heart...
This heart was formed from fallen strands of hair. I had just cut my client's hair and, while sweeping the floor, I noticed this perfect heart shape that looked as though someone had meticulously formed it right there. 
I see this as a sign, not only for my passion in hair design, but remembering where I started, pushing through the challenges, and continuously being reminded to put my heart and soul in everything I do. I'm doing this for myself, my family, and the wonderful people that I have met throughout my career. Never give up on your dreams!
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